Grant Sources

I have experience writing many of the grants listed below.  Feel free to take a look at the guidelines to see if they might work for you, or contact me to discuss some of these grant opportunities in more detail. 

I can help to write or edit your grant, provide narrative to enhance your grant application, or consult with you during all phases of your grant or fundraising project.

The sources are not listed by category because many of them give to different types of projects or offer multiple types of grants.  

  • Rotary Clubs, Lions Club, Masons, and other fraternal organizations 
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Local businesses
  • National businesses with a local branch (Trader Joe's, EMS, supermarkets, Target, Walmart, Stabucks, Chipolte, BJs, etc.)  They will often give you items for a fundraiser that you can use in a silent auction or raffle (BJ's membership, bag of Trader Joe's groceries, kayak rental, etc.)
  • Local banks
  • Real estate agents
  • Car dealerships